No more searching for the perfect gift... The unique gift perfect for anyone


Imagine watching your friends and family as they are about to open your gift...


You feel excited with anticipation because you know that it is a gift like no other...they will love it!


This is a very special gift for them and them alone.


You feel great knowing that your gift not only looks awesome... It also has special healing benefits.  What more could you ask for?


It works on all levels of healing... Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.


When you acquired this gift you didn't even need to know what kinds of healing your friend needed.  All you did was trust the
maker of this fine gift to intuitively choose each and every piece to make it a special fit just for that special person.


All you did was supply the first name of the recipient.


As they open the box with enthusiasm they find what's inside... They tell you how beautiful it is and as they read the description of every element to the gift... It's perfect! It's very personal and something they know they need.  They love you for giving them this perfect gift unlike anything else they will receive.


The perfect gift... What you get:


•A beautiful, intuitively chosen, genuine gemstone bracelet or necklace (depending on which one you purchase) with a silver clasp.

•A printout of all the gemstones used and what benefits each stone has.

•Each intuitively made bracelet by Monica is infused with Reiki, which also helps energetically with healing.


What people have said after receiving jewelry made by Monica...


"I received my gemstone bracelet 2 days ago and can not express how happy I am with my purchase. The stones are beautiful and were selected perfectly for my needs. I won't be taking this bracelet off any time soon. Thank you Monica for such a beautiful bracelet." J


"I have 2 bracelets Monica made for me and they are not only beautiful, I can feel their healing properties. And I've only been wearing them a couple of weeks. Friends who have seen them want some too! I just love mine! Thanks Monica!" T


"Recently I purchased a total of four necklaces for myself, my grown daughters, and for my lifelong best friend. As Monica knows, I gave bare bones information. The stones just seemed so well fitted to each of us, and we all have received a lot of compliments! We feel good wearing them. Monica, you are a gifted lady." A


"I just wanted to drop a quick line to let you know how much my friend enjoyed receiving the necklace you made for her. She told me she could feel the energy from it before she even took it out of the box! Thanks again." M


"My bracelet came in today and I absolutely love it!! It's beautiful and very on-target with my life!:) you're really good Monica." S

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