Creative Gem Awakenings

How to cleanse gemstones:

It is important to cleanse your gemstones because they absorb energy whether it's good or bad.  It's especially important to cleanse them if they are being used for healing.  There are different ways to cleanse stones depending on the the type of stone.

You can hold them and run water over them.  Or you can put them in a bowl of water with sea salt.  Leave them in any where from a few minutes to over night.  Just make sure you rinse them off after to get the salt off. (very important! certain stones can not go in water. Stones that are very soft shouldn't be in water. An example is selenite, it will dissolve.)

Rice or Salt:
You can set them in a bowl of rice or salt and leave them overnight.

You can use sage or sweetgrass to remove negative energies.  Just light the sage and run the stone through the smoke, or fan the smoke onto the stone if too large to hold.

Light visualization:
If you hold your stone and visualize white light covering and surrounding your stone this will also get rid of negative energy.

Sun and moon:
You can set your stones outside in the sunlight or the moonlight.  Just take care not to leave stones to long in the sunlight, it can fade the color of the stones.  I personally like to set mine out during a full moon or eclipse.

Reiki is an excellent way to cleanse gemstones.  It brings the energy back into balance and gets rid of any negative energy.  It helps enhance the energy of the stones; as does all of the above methods. (This is how I clean all of my stones and jewelry in addition to all other methods listed above)

***When you order a piece of jewelry from me I take great care in cleansing and charging the stones so they will be ready to do for you what they are meant to do.***