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Hi My name is Monica Davis. I am a gemstone healer. I am a Reiki Master, and certified Master Hypnotherapist, past life and life between life therapist through NATH (National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapists). I am also a mom.  I am  a writer too working on my fist novel! I currently live in Mustang Oklahoma with my daughter.

I have always been drawn to gemstones and have been collecting them for years. Everything has energy and the stones have different vibrations so they are good for so many different things. So I got into making gemstone  jewelry for myself and then family and friends for the healing benefits.  When I would make the jewelry for someone it was realized that I was intuitively choosing the stones for people for their needs.  At first I didn't realize this was what I was doing!  The more jewelry I made the more people were saying, "this is exactly what I need, how did you know?"  So when a friend of mine pointed out to me that I could make jewelry intuitively to help people with healing, that's what I did. So that's what I do. I travel nation wide making custom jewelry, doing hypnosis, Reiki and stone healing sessions.

I feel I have a purpose while I'm here to help guide as many people as possible into healing.  The possibilities are endless to what can be done with Reiki,  hypnotherapy, and gemstones; and with my unique ability to effectively tune into each person’s needs… great strides in healing can occur.  I have successfully helped people with healing on many levels…If you are interested in seeing me in person for a healing session, hypnosis session or to get your own intuitively made jewelry let me know.  And just ask if you have questions. 
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