You probably already know you can easily unlock your healing potential, naturally...

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Because you can already imagine what it would feel like to have more energy, less stress, feel balanced and be free of internal clutter and more...

Healing for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being

Disclaimer:This  site is not intended to provide medical or psychological treatment.  If you believe you have a condition seek professional care.  Gemstones are not intended to treat or cure any disease.  We cannot guarantee any results.  All sales are final when services are rendered.

Monica uses intuitively made gemstone jewelry, Reiki and hypnosis to assist you in your healing journey. Give her a call today and experience for yourself!  Because you owe it to yourself do you not?

These pictures show how gemstones affect the aura!

The first one (orange) is with no gemstones

The second one (green) is with a necklace with malachite, lapis, and azurite. This picture was taken immediately after the first right after putting the necklace on


Creative Gem Awakenings


Dragonfly Aroma Therapy

Oil DiffuserPendant Necklace

- Hand made by Monica-

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